What Is A Honeypot and Why Should You Care?

A honeypot is a decoy computer system used to analyze how cyber attackers attempt to compromise a real machine. They are used by both security researchers and companies to determine where to focus their security resources. Could your organization benefit from such a service?

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Viruses, Worms, and Trojans… Oh Malware!

It is no secret that malware is a serious threat to computer systems and networks, costing companies an average of $2.4 million. But what’s the difference between the various types of malware? We’ll take a look at the four most common: viruses, worms, trojans, and ransomware.

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MyHeritage User Data Breach

On June 4th, 2018, MyHeritage discovered that information about it’s 92 million users had been stolen and published on an external web server. The data was discovered by a security researcher, who immediately provided MyHeritage with the information they found. But what was included in the data, and what do customers need to know?

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What Should Consumers Do After A Major Breach

With the growing number of companies facing data breaches, such as the recent Chili’s breach, it is important to know what to do as a consumer if a company you’ve done business with falls victim. What can you do to keep yourself, your money, and your identity safe after a data breach? Read below to find out!

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Video Gaming and Security

Video gaming is a large industry, with an expected market of $115 billion in 2018. As video game technology and consoles become more advanced, they can pose a risk for cybercrime. There are plenty of cases of gaming accounts being hacked, but can hackers attack the video game console itself?

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Bug Bounty Programs and CFFA

Bug bounty programs provide a successful way for organizations to focus on their information security. Through these programs, researchers are able to routinely look for security flaws in their servers or applications. But could current laws put researchers and organizations in a legal “grey area?” Does enacting a bug bounty program replace a professional penetration test?

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Phishing and Spear Phishing

An old but successful technique in social engineering is the phishing attack. In these types of attacks, an individual is tricked into providing critical information (usually login credentials) to an attacker through a fake website or spoofed email. How are these attacks carried out? Can they affect larger companies? How do we mitigate them? Read more to find out!

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Atlanta Ransomware Attack

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The City of Atlanta computer systems were hit by a ransomware cyber attack early Thursday morning. This attack has caused an “application outage” on various internal and external systems, including systems for bill pay and court information. So what is a ransomware attack, and how does this affect the residents of Atlanta?

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